Here are some projects I have created or contributed to.

Move My Words DEMO

Technologies: PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, D3.js

We’ve all been moved by words. Why not move them back? Move My Words is an interactive blogging platform that allows a user to enter a micropost and play interactive games with the text through the use of D3 text visualization.

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Sound Ocean DEMO

Technologies: KineticJS, KeyboardJS, HTML5 Audio, SoundCloud API, Ruby on Rails

Sound Ocean provides a unique interactive music discovery experience by allowing the user to first choose a genre and then “swim through the ocean of sound,” discovering songs streaming from the SoundCloud API. The user can save songs to a playlist and compete with friends for the most songs discovered. Three people worked on the project. I contributed the interactive visual elements as well as integrating with the SoundCloud API, the bulk of which was completed in one week.

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Disappointed Man DEMO

Technologies: Javascript, CSS

Disappointed Man is a less morbid reimagining of the classic hangman game. Basically you guess a letter using the keyboard. If you guess correctly, the letter is filled in. If you guess incorrectly, the picture of me becomes increasingly more disappointed.

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ABC Crowd Composers DEMO

Technologies: PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, jQuery

Crowdsourced music creation platform for educational songs. Through highly-relational postgres database models, users can edit and create their own original lyrics for educational songs about any topic. I created a version control system from the ground up so that users could save their own versions of songs and vote on the best to arrive at the definitive version.

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