Scott’s Portfolio Stuff

Scott’s Portfolio Stuff

  • move to gh-pages of “insane_profile” or “ridic_profile” section
  • re-implement in Ember
    • make a real blog section that reads JSON (ghost? my own?)
    • sections read json so we can update them?
    • use hand-rolled responsive css instead of bootstrap?
    • or just use bootstrap… (or foundation)
    • sweet header guy? (hero image of ME)


  • update!
    • talks
      • make video of QueensJS talk
      • cut or link to video of Ember JS talk
      • cut or link to video of thescene-postmortem talk
    • code
    • addons
    • contributions
    • videos? (make some)
      • TheScene 1.0
      • Viewability
      • WatchPage redesign (find old version, explain new version… show results!)
  • redesign? (single column? remove “cute” things?)
  • go crazy making it interactive but have a “print” style? (multiple print styles?)
  • figure out how to make it multi-page and still print ok?


  • Stubber
  • Analytics wrapper
  • CNE player wrapper
  • preflight ajax guy?
  • ember-midi service?
  • ember-tetris
  • ember-cookie-monster (use on thescene?)
    • try to get it to use only certain cookies (instead of ALL of them…)
    • look at my PR and interact?
  • various ember-deploy addons (memcached, speedcurve, hipchat, lockability, etc…)

Dissapointed Man

  • re implement in ember?
  • as addon?
  • use bigger dict?
  • restyle and make responsive… (touch too!)

Melanie and Scott

  • add wedding pics
  • redo in ember?

Move My Words

  • get it working! (it doesn’t currently…)
    • give work computer access to scott-serve
    • run it by JOHN (cause that’s his thing…)
  • add games?
    • get web words words to render properly
    • other games?
  • [ ]
  • bring in twitter feeds?

Sound Ocean

  • redo in ember?
  • move to heroku?